Design Solutions

“The best ideas come as jokes.
Make your thinking as funny as possible.”

David Ogilvy


Studio Alles focusses on atypic and contemporary design.
We will  provide you with both online and offline services to boost your business and websites.
Let’s say that you want to upgrade your online presence,  Studio Alles will develop graphics, motion and sound just for you. “Let’s make your website sound like YOU!”
Or maybe you are looking to refurbish your home or office space. Studio Alles can deliver you excellent plans for your interior and if you are looking for a signature piece of furniture, Studio Alles will design it just for you.
We believe that the correlation between these areas of expertise fields can create new spaces both online and offline, that will give your project or business a new boost.

We’d love to hear more about your projects and questions !

Design Services

Graphic & Motion

A company is more than just a brand. A Company has a unique personality that creates a point of difference in society and people. It is “the thing” why a customer chooses you over a other company, it happens when someone can mirror your companies identity to its own standards and values.

To create your own brand, you must first define yours.

Interior & Design

Your business value and identity show in the atmosphere that you breathes. Upgrade the first impression for your customers and partners. Create the best work environment for your employees and thrive your sales. From cargo bike, food truck, restaurant, works spaces, exhibition stands to home interiors.

We will present you with design that mirrors your personality. 


A company or brand sound identity is found in the form of: a radio commercial, soundtrack, environmental sound, product design related sound, signal sounds, a sound logo, or a sound signature.
These sound identity forms may be designed to reflect the identity of your company or brand.

Sound is one of the five human senses, however often forgotten !


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